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Our accommodations at the beautiful Anegada Reef Hotel, are for your enjoyment.

General Resort Information

Car Rentals are available for $65 for Jeep and $75 for Truck excluding fuel.  The jeeps are suitable for four people, the trucks for ten to eleven people.  A BVI driver's licence can be obtained for $10.

Excellent Bonefishing is available for the half-day ($350) for full day ($550).

Excellent Deep Sea Fishing is available for a half-day ($700) or a full day ($1100).

We operate a shuttle bus service from the Hotel to the beautiful northern shore beaches for snorkeling and swimming.  The rate is $8. per person, round trip.

Our Hotel full service restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails.


Anegada is the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands.  Unlike the others islands, which are mountainous, the island of Anegada is flat.  It's highest point is just over 28 feet above sea level, and the island is about ten miles long and ringed by lovely, white sand beaches.

The island is surrounded by Horseshoe Reef, which has caused hundreds of ship wrecks.  It is this reef which gives Anegada terrific snorkeling and diving, and a bountiful assortment of fish, lobster, and conch.

The main community on Anegada, the Settlement, is on the south shore of the island, and is home to a hundred or so people.

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