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  There is so much to do here that you won't notice we don't offer Golf, Tennis, or Scuba activities.

Beach Activities

For better or worse -- worse for long ago seafarers, better for today's underwater adventurers -- this island is ringed by a treacherous coral reef that is the resting place of the most wrecks in the Western Hemisphere. 

The reef is home to an incredible variety of magnificent sea-life.  Because of our island's isolation and relative inaccessibility the beaches here are all but deserted, even in high season.




The magnificent reefs on the Northern side of the island (transportation available from the Anegada Reef Hotel) offer some of the most breathtaking underwater vistas in the Caribbean.  The water is calm, the seas warm and crystalline, making for a perfect viewing experience.  Please bring your own gear -- we have no rental provisioning on the island.  Enjoy these vistas, but please help us to protect the beauty of the reef for others by not touching or damaging the underwater flora and fauna.

Take our bus shuttle or rent a car from us here at the Hotel and go to  the beautiful beaches at Loblolly Bay, Jack Bay, or Cow Wreck Bays.  Here you can snorkel, dive, or lounge to your heart's content. 


Beachcombing and Walking

Miles of white sandy beach abound on Anegada, pristine and spotless.  Long walks in search of that perfect shell are a must.  Feel the soft, white sand between your toes, enjoy the sparkling vistas, watch the profusion of bird life along the shore.  It doesn’t get any better!

Walking the beaches are a must, but feel free to follow the roads and paths to either side of the Settlement or over to the West End and North Shore beaches.   You’ll be met by gentle cows and donkeys who freely graze the foliage.  Stop to appreciate the roadside flowering bushes.  Since there is little traffic, the island scents are fresh and clean.

These beaches are the most beautiful and pristine in the world.  The water is warm, clear, and a fantastic shade of blue.  The reef protects our beaches so the water is calm.  

You can find food or drink at Cow Wreck Beach, Jack Bay, or Loblolly East, or just walk the beaches for miles to see their natural beauty.




Fishing the waters around Anegada is an exciting experience for the sportsman.  We offer a variety of fishing charters for those interested.  The Hotel can arrange deep sea charters for you.

 If fishing our flats is your preference, Captain Clinton Vanterpool or Captain Garfield Faulkner offer experienced, guided trips for some of the best Bonefishing in the Caribbean.  You can also fish for Tarpon from the dock of the hotel, or wade the flats for bonefish on your own.



Deep Sea Fishing


Bird Watching

On March 7th 1992,  a magnificent flock of 18 pink flamingoes were released into the Salt Ponds on Anegada.  These amazing birds have flourished and reproduced.  There are now more than 50 of them at various sites around Anegada.  As you tour the island, keep a sharp eye out for them

On the beaches, especially as you round Pomato Point near the west end of the island,  sandpipers and stormy petrels abound.  From the lounge chairs in front of the Hotel,  watch the pelicans soar and dive for their dinner. 


Weddings, Honeymoons

Are you planning a wedding, or to renew your vows?  There is no more romantic place than here, and it's the perfect place for your honeymoon.





Observe the Pink Flamingo Flocks  

Watch the Rare Anegada Rock Iguanas

Search for Wild Orchids on the West End





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